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Course Details

By the end of this session you will be able to

Understand what makes Office 365 unique and identify the benefits of using Office 365 compared to traditional ways of working such as network drives.

The instructor led demonstrations will focus on:
·         What is Office 365? – comparing traditional ways of working to the new Office 365 way of working
·         What is the Cloud? – where is my information stored and why
·         Office 365 Functionality Overview – review of the many tools available in Office 365
·         Connect to Office 365 – how to login and navigate Office 365 to access the tools and business information using your computer and mobile devices
·         SharePoint in Office 365  - review of the document storage and document management tools available in Office 365

This session is designed to help individuals and companies who are new to Office 365 or are considering making the move to Office 365.



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