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This Bite Sized Training class will benefit people who have created SharePoint 2010 workflows using SharePoint Designer 2010.

Class Summary:

For several years, there has been a push across both government and commercial sectors to do more work in less time. Therefore, real-world business processes are often mapped onto SharePoint workflows to automate parts of the process, route files and solve common collaboration problems, such as losing a contract in an approval process. Unfortunately in organizations that make heavy use of workflows in SharePoint 2010, they sometimes experience negative effects on the ability of SharePoint servers to respond to users’ requests for SharePoint webpages. SharePoint 2013 introduces a new, highly scalable workflow platform that has been redesigned from scratch, coupled with new workflow functionality added to SharePoint Designer 2013 and Visual Studio 2012/3.

In this demo rich workshop Penelope Coventry will review the new workflow changes in SharePoint 2013 and will then detail how to create these new workflows using SharePoint Designer 2013. She will also discuss using SharePoint Designer 2013 to create similar workflows to those you built with SharePoint Server 2010, and why you may need to create these old style workflows in SharePoint 2013.

This workshop will cover:

  • An overview of the new Workflow Manager
  • How SharePoint 2013 workflows differ from SharePoint 2010 workflows
  • Changes to the SharePoint Designer 2013 workflow interface, and how to create workflows using both the Text-Based Designer and Visual Designer in SharePoint Designer 2013
  • Creating workflows using Visio Professional 2013
  • Changes to conditions
  • The new workflow building blocks: Stages, Loops, App-only Step and the Completion Condition on Parallel blocks.
  • The new workflow actions: Assign a Task, Start a Task Process, Start a List Workflow, Start a Site Workflow, Wait for Event in List Item, Call HTTP Web Service
  • The new Dictionary Variable type.
  • The options available to reuse SharePoint 2013 workflows
  • Other tools that can be used to build SharePoint 2013 workflows

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