Case Studies: Johnson Matthey


Johnson Matthey an international speciality chemicals company, founded almost 200 years ago, wanted to put a 10 year business strategy in place to promote collaboration and communication across the organisation. Johnson Matthey wanted to update their systems to be able to achieve this and by working with Combined Knowledge and partners developed and designed the myJM collaboration platform.

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Johnson Matthey’s vision for the myJM project:

“To transform JM into an information rich organisation with staff competent in the use of powerful communication and collaboration techniques that supports the business aspirations of the Group. As a consequence our existing and future workforce will become more efficient, productive, and capable of delivering the innovation and progress needed to achieve JM’s strategic business objectives within the next decade”

A key element in ensuring successful adoption of myJM was for Johnson Matthey to select an education partner that was recognised in the industry as being a leading supplier of SharePoint Education with the ability to help them develop training and support solutions to meet the needs of the business.
Combined Knowledge were delighted to be selected by Johnson Matthey to be their education partner for this project, confident that we could meet the key elements that were considered critical to Johnson Matthey in the success of the project.

Quoted by Johnson Matthey..
‘Effective training is critical to the successful adoption of myJM across Johnson Matthey’.

Johnsons Matthey’s key training objective was:

To give users the knowledge, understanding and confidence to start using myJM immediately after training.
As specialists in content creation and customised learning solutions, Combined Knowledge was able to create tailored content based on the myJM environment and clearly define the steps Super Users and General Users would need to understand, leading to effective hands on training that enabled Users to leave the classroom with the confidence and ability to put what they had learnt into practice immediately.

We worked with Johnson Matthey to create a bespoke User and Super User training course that was delivered to 1,400 R&D employees throughout Europe and the USA in the format of hands on classroom training.
Alongside the practical exercises incorporated in the training we developed and supported the classes with quality course materials and lab guides designed to help the users during the training course and provide them with post training reference content.

Johnson Matthey was keen for the training sessions to be delivered in the classroom at their global R&D sites for the first training roll out. With Combined Knowledge’s ability to train anywhere in the world we then conducted both classroom and online training ensuring that a user based at Johnson Matthey in Royston, UK, gained the same knowledge and best practices as their colleague in the USA or the Netherlands, thus ensuring good best practice across the environment and throughout the organisation.

Education is Combined Knowledge’s passion and our trainers having been involved in the development of the content, have the ability to live and breathe the product and demonstrate a sound knowledge of what the user needs to know to ensure successful user adoption.

This understanding was demonstrated in our ability to develop for Johnson Matthey a myJM specific educational programme including online help and How To video’s for instant support on demand.

Combined Knowledge extended our deliverables beyond classroom training in 2009 and invested heavily in the development of Support+ our on-demand support product that provides organisations with access to On-line help. This product was integrated into the myJM environment for users to access as and when they need support. Due to the customised nature of myJM Combined Knowledge also created 20 myJM specific tasks related how-to videos that are now  being introduced to a global audience to further enhance their knowledge of the myJM environment.

Following the successful delivery of this project, Combined Knowledge has since been selected to continue working with Johnson Matthey to support them with their Enterprise Activation – introducing approximately 9,000 users to the myJM environment globally including the delivery of online workshops and the development of quick reference supporting documentation.


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