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9th May 2017 - London

Venue: Microsoft London

Microsoft Paddington
Notting Hill Auditorium
2 Kingdom St
W2 6BD

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SharePoint Online accessed as part of Office 365 and SharePoint on-premises offer an abundance of features and opportunities ideally suited to save-time, increase productivity and streamline your HR workflow.

Few companies leverage the full potential on offer from Office 365 and SharePoint, often because HR professionals simply aren't given the necessary guidance, tips and real world examples to help them see the potential for HR systems delivered this way.


This seminar delivers sessions from industry experts and thought leaders to help anyone working in the HR field to unleash the power of Microsoft's most effective business technology.






09.00am - 09.30am

Breakfast and Registration
09.30am - 10.15am Key Note: The Talent Eco-System
Rebecca Fielding , GradConsult
10.15am - 11.00am 4 Steps to Eating the Elephant of Change
Kirsten Watson, WAT Solutions Factory
11.00am -  11.15am Coffee Break 
11.15am - 12.15pm Making a case for SharePoint as your HRMS
Dave Bailey, PointSolutions
12.15pm – 13.15pm How can Office 365 and SharePoint help you stress less?
Rob Pratt, Combined Knowledge
13.15pm – 2.00pm Lunch and Networking
2.00pm – 3.00pm Should HR be concerned about SharePoint Permissions?
How does DeliverPoint help?
Brett Lonsdale, Lightning Tools
3.00pm – 3.30pm

Leading People Through the Process of Change
Kirsten Watson, WAT Solutions Factory

3.30pm – 3.45pm Coffee Break
3.45pm – 4.00pm Panel Q&A session
Combined Knowledge, PointSolutions, Lightning Tools, WAT Solutions Factory

4.00pm Onwards

SharePint & Prize Draw

Session Abstracts

Key Note: The Talent Eco-System

Rebecca Fielding , GradConsult

Managing talent is far from a simple or linear process. It is an eco-system, greatly affected by the conditions in which it exists, like any other. And yet the complex task of attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining talent is often a strategic imperative for most organisations that is rarely well understood.

In this session I will explore the key relationships and critical touch points within the talent eco-system between organisations, HR, managers and people. Specifically I want to share with you how I have seen people systems and data either enable or inhibit talent management practice; in an employment environment where talented employees now very much expect tailored, end to end, accurate, simple, user experiences in their work as well as their personal life. 

4 Steps to Eating the Elephant of Change

Kirsten Watson, WAT Solutions Factory
Managing change can at times feel like being asked to eat a 6-tonne elephant. So how do you eat the elephant of change? The answer is ‘a little bit at a time’. 

Faced with the elephant of change it is wise to ‘slow down to speed up’. Take the time to plan well up front or risk suffering from some serious indigestion along the way!

This session focuses on the 4 steps to diagnose, design, implement and embed change in an organisation.

Making a case for SharePoint as your HRMS

Dave Bailey, PointSolutions
SharePoint and Office 365 are becoming increasingly key to a business’s HR and people development.   PointSolutions have worked with many organisations, both large and small to help them take advantage of these technologies, making best use of SharePoint and the Office 365 feature-set through their PeoplePoint 365 HRMS product.

PeoplePoint 365 has been designed specifically to sit alongside Office 365 and utilises the SharePoint Online environment to provide ‘hire to fire’ functionality and flexibility that other HR Management Systems struggle to provide.  This webinar will present the business case for such an approach and demonstrate why it’s such a hot topic for 2017.

How can Office 365 and SharePoint help you stress less?

Rob Pratt, Combined Knowledge
In 2015/16 stress accounted for 37% of all work related ill health cases and 45% of all working days lost due to ill health.
Wouldn’t it be great if your computer systems could help reduce stress in the work place rather than causing it?

In this session we will review just some of the many features of SharePoint and Office 365 that will provide employees with safety nets (to easily recover from disaster if something goes wrong) and time savings that add up to less headaches and stress.



Should HR be concerned about SharePoint Permissions? How does DeliverPoint help?

Brett Lonsdale, Lightning Tools
Human Resources departments invest a lot of their time with employees joining and leaving organizations with part of the responsibility being around the security of data. SharePoint permissions are often overlooked when an employee changes roles or leaves an organization.

Using DeliverPoint from Lightning Tools, you will be able to make sure that employees are fully removed from SharePoint or their permissions are transferred to their replacements easily. DeliverPoint provides you with absolute confidence that the permissions assigned to users are accurate. Within this session, Brett Lonsdale will demonstrate how DeliverPoint can become an extremely effective tool to any HR department.

Leading People Through the Process of Change

Kirsten Watson, WAT Solutions Factory
A new system can require a change in ‘how we do things round here’.  This session looks at the ‘people’ part of the change process. 

Deliberately planning what needs to change in the culture and how to go about it can increase the likelihood of a successful change implementation.



Who's Speaking?

Rebecca Fielding

Rebecca has worked with leading businesses including The Co-operative Group, Heinz, Asda and  Sheffield Hallam University to implement HR systems, and has experienced the best and worst the market has to offer. Latterly in her senior, strategic, internal roles in Talent Management and Leadership and Culture (and subsequently as an external consultant) Rebecca has seen the significant impact that these systems and data have had an employee engagement and organisational talent management. 

The session presents the opportunity to learn from her strategic observations, the mistakes that other businesses have made and ensure that you are asking the right questions of a new or replacement HR system.

The event is designed for HR/Talent professionals, operations and also IT teams from both SMEs and larger organisations who are looking to replace their HR system or taking the first steps in automating HR processes.


Kirsten Watson
WAT Solutions Factory



Kirsten has worked with leading international companies to implement and lead transformational change projects in Europe and Asia.  Often businesses look to change systems or processes and neglect to address the impact organisational culture can have on achieving a successful outcome.

WAT Solutions Factory AG is a leading provider of change management, training and coaching consultancy.

Based in Switzerland, we support businesses to be more effective by providing holistic solutions that focus on outcomes. We know that change can be disruptive to the business and may not achieve the desired result. That’s why we tailor each solution to address not only a system or process change but also what needs to change in the mindset and ways of working of the people in the organization. By taking this approach we help businesses to implement the change and make it stick so they achieve the result they need.


Dave Bailey


SharePoint based people solutions

PointSolutions is a SharePoint solutions specialist based in the UK and have made a name for themselves as providers of HR and people focused apps.

Businesses are increasingly looking to adopt a ‘connected’ approach to their IT and systems.  The idea of maximising one particular platform such as SharePoint and Office 365 simplifies things and helps to maximise ROI.


Rob Pratt
Combined Knowledge

SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure Education and Adoption Specialists

Combined Knowledge has specialised in the development and delivery of SharePoint Education and Support since 2003. Today we provide Education and Support in a wide range of formats including public and private courses, workshops and self-support user based products on a global basis for SharePoint and Office 365.

Our key aim is not only to deliver the best training classes available but also to provide organisations with a complete, end to end solution for their SharePoint or Office 365 deployment. This is achieved by providing training for all steps of deployment, facilitating product installation, development and use, through to ensuring complete user adoption through the use of on-demand support and helpdesk software for all users from one central source.


Brett Lonsdale
Lightning Tools

Brett Lonsdale has spent one third of his life working with Microsoft SharePoint on a daily basis with SharePoint Permissions forming a large part of his time. Brett has authored and co-authored many SharePoint books including content on SharePoint Permissions.

Lightning Tools was founded by Brett Lonsdale in 2007 to provide tools to assist adopters of SharePoint to build SharePoint solutions and manage the SharePoint environment.

Lightning Tools has provided its flagship product BDC Meta Man Professional to companies such as SOCOM, US Department of Justice, and BP. Lightning Tools work closely with their customers offering outstanding products and support.

You can download trials of all of our software, and watch screencasts from our website:



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