We are excited to launch two Hybrid webinars, hosted by Matthew McDermott.

Matthew is a founder and director at Aptillon, and an eleven-time Microsoft SharePoint Server MVP.

Matthew specialises in Office 365 and SharePoint Integration, Strategy and Implementation Consulting. He enjoys helping his clients solve business problems with SharePoint. Matthew is a speaker, content author, blogger and specialist in Microsoft technologies focused on web content management, collaboration, search and social computing.




Office 365 SharePoint Hybrid Update

10th May 2017 10am EDT

You have heard of Office 365 and Hybrid, but what business problems does it solve. How can you best plan and deploy the Office 365 Hybrid workloads? Join us for a session that answers many of these questions. With discussion and demonstration of the benefits of connecting your on-premises SharePoint farm to Office 365 and SharePoint Online, Matthew will walk through implementations of the various hybrid workloads and detail “What’s in it for you” from a business perspective.



Configuring SharePoint Hybrid Search and Taxonomy

24th May 2017 10am EDT

This demo filled session will review the latest advances in SharePoint and Office 365 Hybrid Search and Taxonomy. Matthew will demonstrate how to create powerful hybrid search experiences that include SharePoint, File Shares and BCS results both on premises and in Office 365. You will learn what is required for hybrid search and taxonomy configuration and what you should consider when crafting your hybrid search environment so that your end users can find what they seek no matter where it is stored. Matthew will show how, through the use of a single unified source for your taxonomy, you can create efficiently tag and find content where ever it resides.



Looking for Training?

We are also excited to launch a new 3 day ‘Configuring Hybrid Workloads for SharePoint and Office 365’ course that will be delivered live by Matthew online, using a mixture of both theory and hands on practical lab exercises to ensure you gain the knowledge you require to effectively work within your Hybrid environment.

Configuring Hybrid Workloads for SharePoint and Office 365
3 days £1275/$1550 per person

Connect from anywhere EMEA Online 5th - 7th June

Connect from anywhere USA Online 12th - 14th June

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