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Microsoft Office 365 Training+
Learn now.

Your on demand Office 365 training platform

Training+ delivers expert Microsoft Office 365 training, on demand, available in 1080p High Definition direct to your Office 365 site.

Training content is constantly being updated to match the latest Office 365 releases, so you're always up to speed with new features and improvements


Become fluent in any Office 365 app

Every module is delivered by content experts and divided into convenient chunks allowing you to learn at your own pace and stop/start as your schedule permits.

Comprehensive demonstrations and real-world examples designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to be ultra productive - all delivered with the friendly and down-to-earth style of an expert classroom trainer.

Simply install the app, open it in the App Launcher and chose a topic to learn now.

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What is Training+?

Training+ lives inside Office 365, delivering full training courses or specific topics whenever and wherever you need them.

Every course is built by a product expert, designed to educate effectively and enhanced using on-screen demonstrations and animations to support the trainer's dialogue.

The simple, progressive format ensures you understand each concept, how it fits into the bigger picture and provides knowledge that can be applied immediately.

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How do I install the app?

Follow the video on above or the steps below to get started with Training+ in your Office 365 site.

Please note, business users will need to be an Azure Tenant Administrator to add this App.

  • Click on “Install the App” above to open Training+ in the Microsoft Office app store, click Add and follow the instructions to add the free app to your Office 365 site.
  • Launch the Azure portal:
    From your home page, open the Azure Active Directory and click Users and Groups.
  • Click All Groups and create a New Group, setting the Membership type to Assigned before adding all users or a selection of users to the group. Click Select and Create to finish creating your group.
  • Now, return to the Azure Active Directory and this time select Enterprise Applications. Click All Applications and select All Applications from the drop down at the top of the screen and click Apply.
    Scroll down your list and click on Training Plus Learning On-Demand.
  • Click on Self-service and set Allow users to request access to this application? to Yes
    Next to the option To which group should assigned user be added? click Select group.Find the group you created earlier, highlight it and click Select.
  • Now save the changes and check that the updates have been successful.
  • These changes may take a few minutes to complete behind the scenes, but that’s it – whenever you need training or guidance on an Office 365 application, click the training+ app and choose your topic. If you haven't purchased a license yet, you'll be given access to the free Training+ content. To get the full content now, click Buy it now

What are people saying?

“Training+ for Office 365 helps end users around the globe to achieve enhanced productivity by delivering the means to become skilled, confident and effective in the use of Office 365 services without leaving their workstation.”

Rob Howard, Microsoft
Director of Office 365 Ecosystem


"Training+ is a great resource for any Office 365 user. It provides current, on-demand training on the most popular topics. This training includes step-by-step help on working productively, collaborating, socializing, searching, and securing your content and is all available with just the click of a mouse."

Brian Alderman, MicroTechPoint
Microsoft MVP, MCT, MCSE, MCSA and MCITP

Instant training for all of these apps:

Connect from anywhere

Training+ is delivered directly into your Office 365 site using Microsoft Azure, the worldwide network of Microsoft-managed datacenters across 34 regions - more countries and regions than any other provider, which means your training is always streamed directly to you from a local source at the best resolution and quality.



Want to write Excel formulas that save you hours of work each week?


Want to share documents securely and easily with anyone, from anywhere with OneDrive? 


Need to collaborate on projects seamlessly across Office 365 using Groups and Planner?  

Learn now.

Every license gives you:

  • On demand access to expert training
  • Access from within your Office 365 site
  • 12 Months of training
  • Unlimited Access
  • Regular Content Updates

Try Training+

Take Training+ for a quick test drive with some short sample content taken from 3 Office 365 training modules:


Excel Intermediate

Part of the in-depth Excel collection which also includes:

  • Excel Introduction
  • Excel Advanced



Learn how to share files seamlessly and securely with anyone


Groups and Planner

Manage projects easily and collaborate with others across Office 365

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