Adopting New Ways of Working

Are you considering the move to Microsoft Office 365 – or are you already using it in your business?
How do your new and existing employees acquire the skills and knowledge they need to become effective Office 365 Users?

In other words, how will your users adapt and adopt?

It is well proven that managing a users’ introduction to any new system or environment yields valuable increases in productivity and subsequent return on your investment.

Whether you’re a multi-national organization or a micro-business, training and knowledge transfer are critically important to the success of your project. We offer packages suitable for all business sizes ensuring every user has on-demand access to effective training and support whenever and wherever they need it.


How will old processes work in the new cloud-based, connect-anywhere world?

How can new Microsoft 365 features allow users to operate more productively and collaboratively?


Users who understand your business systems will use them effectively and with confidence.

On-demand, self-support tools keep productivity at a maximum and improve user satisfaction

Built for your business

Our Onboarding Packages can be tailored to the specific needs of the business and the specific elements of Microsoft 365 that users will need to adopt.

These packages will help you:

  • Train your users according to the scenario and persona that is most relevant and beneficial to their role
  • Maximise flexibility through classroom training, virtual training, online sessions and on-demand training
  • Provide key Champions and User Groups with hands on face-to-face training
  • Promote peer and collaboration learning
  • Provide on-going user in-context support

Power to the people

Combined Knowledge work with you to ensure your users can identify “What’s in it for me?” To achieve this we use a number of pre and post go live strategies and activities.

Awareness and excitement will be enhanced by getting your users involved and strategically placing marketing materials at key areas of high footfall within office and break areas.

Combined Knowledge works hand in hand with Microsoft Change Adoption and Gold Partner teams to ensure that the learning elements of your digital workplace transformation mirrors the format of research and recommendation outcomes. Typically this involves matching and creating content around key scenarios that are identified as the enablers for change. Our instructors build content that embeds learning based on the behavioural change and enables the use of key Microsoft 365 apps to achieve those goals. From years of experience we have identified this approach as the most effective way to deliver Microsoft 365 transformation.

End-to-End Solutions

The framework is underpinned by further in-depth, bite size training for an identified ‘Champion’ network along with a set of on-demand learning tools which ensure everyone in the organisation has instant access to Microsoft 365 focused learning and support.

The program format is often multimode, modular learning which encompasses many or all of the following delivery techniques

  • On-Demand Video
  • Instructor Led Virtual Classroom
  • Digital Guides
  • Instructor Led In Classroom
  • Self Help Reference
  • Virtual Clinics

Combined Knowledge works closely with clients to ensure that each transformation program is delivered to the exact requirement of the client.

Ready to get started?