Building A Successful Modern Workplace Through Teams & Office 365

Come and Spend a day with the experts and learn how to maximise your investment in Teams and Collaboration technologies In Office and understand how to build a sustainable adoption strategy around collaboration, governance and compliancy.

Building a successful modern workplace through Teams and Office 365

Event date:  Thursday 14th November
Event location: Glaziers Hall, 9 Montague Close, London, SE1 9DD

This workshop takes you through a journey of adopting Microsoft Teams as your collaboration gateway in Office 365. Learn how Combined Knowledge has worked with many global customers and Microsoft partners using teams as a key user engagement tool as part of your digital transformation strategy.


09:30 – 10:00am – Introduction and set the scene for Microsoft 365

What is Microsoft 365 and why does it matter? Get the inside track on the latest announcements from Microsoft 365.


10:00 – 11:00 – The Office 365 stack – When to use what – What makes Teams so special

Office 365 brings you a wide range of different apps that collectively form the ultimate productivity toolkit for your modern workplace. Learn how to integrate all of these apps using Microsoft Teams, bringing them all together in one place.


11:00 – 11.30 – Break


11:30 – 12:30 – Balancing control and adoption: how to drive user adoption while automating governance for Microsoft Teams

With so many collaboration tools to choose from nowadays—Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, SharePoint, Exchange, Yammer—what should organisations use and when?

We shall discuss how to:

  • Improve user Collaboration while ensuring good governance in your modern workplace.
  • Enable your employees and teams to go beyond using Office 365 as a document repository.
  • Leverage Office 365’s full collaboration capabilities to deliver automated day-to-day services.
  • Learn how to right-size governance for your organisation with Office 365 and how you can prevent sprawl and ensure the right permissions and privacy settings while automating life-cycle, retention and expiration for documents and workspaces.


12:30 – 13:30 – Lunch


13:30 – 14:30 – Building a Collaboration solution around Teams / Groups and SharePoint

Caroline will share real world examples of how to use Teams to collaborate, plus sharing with external people, using Planner effectively, making the most of Tabs (including using SharePoint Document Libraries in Tabs) and a couple of gotchas everyone should look out for.


14:00 – 15:00 – Break


15:00 – 16:00 – Building a sustainable adoption program for Teams and Office 365

Steve will share many years of experience in the business engagement space to help you get started with constructing a successful framework that will align to a long term strategy for maximising your investment with Office 365. Not only how to encourage users to adapt and adopt, but to ensure the knowledge and skills gained along the way are retained and remain effective.

Who’s speaking?

Steve Smith
CEO of Combined Knowledge and Microsoft Regional Director

Steve has been working in the technology space since the early 90’s and formed Combined Knowledge in 2002. For the past 4 years has been part of an advisory role to Microsoft as a Microsoft Regional Director and was a SharePoint MVP for 15 years working on every version of SharePoint since its original release in 2001.

Since 2003 Steve has specialised in the collaboration space and helping companies make the most of the Microsoft platforms and building custom on boarding and readiness programs from technical to champions to end users and building bespoke courses for the technology that are now used by training companies around the world.

Yatindra Ranpura 
Technical Solutions Professional at AvePoint 

Yatindra has been working in various technical roles over the past 12 years assisting organisations to make the most of their SharePoint infrastructures and build digital landscapes that align to their needs. This involves working from different perspectives and strands that form a part of the larger adoption and governance conversation.

Working as a Technical Solutions Professional I am able to build solutions that bridge teams and people together using SharePoint, Teams and other Office365 workloads. I have been fortunate enough to present in the SharePoint Community and at Microsoft conferences and love to hear customer success stories

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