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Combined Knowledge’s Training+ and Support+ content for Office 365 and SharePoint is already being delivered to users around the world through a range of proprietary platforms and the list is growing.

We can offer ISV’s the opportunity to provide customers with integrated on-demand training and support for a range of Office 365 and SharePoint content that will help you to set your solutions apart.

Better together

This exclusive offering helps you to ensure your customers gain knowledge and training on-demand straight from within your platform whilst ensuring you add value to each product/license sale.

Partners throughout the world are leveraging this offering and seeing their customers increase adoption and productivity across their platforms by ensuring they have access to quality training content.

Case Study:

Support+ and Content Panda

Since partnering in 2015 Combined Knowledge and Content Panda’s Instant Office 365 and SharePoint In-Context User Support offering has gone from strength to strength.

Customers around the word now access Content Panda’s in-context user support content with the addition of Combined Knowledge’s premium Support+ content in one Package.

Together we bring 1,000’s of premium Support actions to subscribers and users of the Content Panda app.

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