Strength in Partnership

Combined Knowledge and Content Panda partnered in 2015 to bring users instant access to in-context help, training and support directly in-side the Office 365 and SharePoint Interface.

In-Context, On-Demand

A superior SharePoint and Office 365 user experience starts with great content, right at the moment of need.

Accelerate User Adoption

Deliver faster on-boarding and higher engagement with an online user experience that’s easy and intuitive

Simplify Training & Support

Minimise support calls and streamline training with contextual help, videos, best practices and tutorials

Promote Governance & Policies

Reinforce guidance and compliance on business processes, in the user interface where the content lives

Accelerate User Adoption

Instantly increase your end users confidence and skill by bringing help content and training to them exactly when and where they need it directly inside the Office 365 and SharePoint user interface.

Content Panda and Support+ provides users guidance in their day-to-day tasks by offering a variety of in-context training materials to match their learning preference.

Whether they’re submitting a leave request or creating a new team site, users can just “click the panda” to access a variety of tools to help them consume information either via video, step-by-step guides or computer based training.

Simplify Training and Support

Immediately on-board, empower and get users up-to-speed answering “How Do I?” questions in the moment of need

Users just “click the panda” wherever they need help – in SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint Online to access in-depth training created by Combined Knowledge, world leader in online SharePoint education, Microsoft-approved help content and hand-curated influencer support articles.

Promote Governance & Compliance Policies

Support your business processes by sharing relevant information—where it applies

Reinforce governance and steer best practices by making information available where it actually applies: in the forms, libraries and sites where the work gets done.
Deliver your company’s own content to users in the same in-context format:

  • Best-practice policies
  • Document requirements
  • Embedded help on forms

Embed useful information in complex forms, within project sites, HR portals and anywhere else you want to influence user behaviour.

Content Panda and Support+ for SharePoint has helped more than 500,000 people instantly transform their online user experience.

Create Custom Content

Leverage Content Panda’s one-stop-shop platform to customise your company’s user experience with drag-and-drop ease.

  • Supervise content creation, modification and usage
  • Quickly manage permissions and branding
  • Create content packs for audience targeting
  • Receive and apply Content Panda product updates automatically
  • Access user analytics reports

End User Analytics

Tracks user activity and provides reports that compare your SharePoint usage data with other companies using SharePoint to reach your adoption and support goals.

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