Learning Management Systems

As more and more organisations adopt Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint they are in-turn looking for add-on products that work alongside Office 365 to provide business solutions. In doing so businesses are looking to maintain their shift to a single solution approach and taking full advantage of the Office 365 suite.

HR and Digital Transformation

SaaS, apps and single platform solutions are providing HR leaders with the core tools to manage employee life-cycle and focus their time on what really counts.  The remarkable rise of Office 365 adoption can be seen as part of an overarching digital transformation in the way businesses approach their IT and people systems, a shift towards a more integrated, flexible cloud based approach that facilitates a more streamlined experience and empowers users across all sizes of organisations. As part of this shift, more and more businesses are realising the benefits of having their HR, learning and people focused systems work inside the Microsoft Office 365 suite; as it helps to facilitate the shift towards a single platform solution and maximises return on investment.

Employees and the Digital Workplace

Given the skills shortages we’re experiencing in the UK at the moment, retaining good people is ever more critical to a business’s bottom line.  As recruitment costs soar, and recruitment remains so time-consuming, many of our clients are focusing on using training and development to up-skill employees, increase retention and encourage promotion from within. At the same time, these businesses are increasingly looking to reduce the number of systems they use, combined with a move to the cloud.

Where we come in

Combined Knowledge’s Training+ On-Demand Office 365 Training Platform and Computer Based SharePoint Modules are fully SCORM Compliant for LMS systems enabling you to embed the content directly into your LMS environment so you can provide you employees with on-demand access to the most current Office 365 and SharePoint Training Content. The SCORM format enables you to produce reports and monitor learning and development across the business whilst ensuring you can capture vital business statistics and analytics.

Our SCORM Packages are available for Cloud and On-Premises LMS Platforms.

Case Study:

Training+ and LearningPoint365

Combined Knowledge and partner PointSolutions have worked with organisations, large and small, to help them benefit from Office 365 and provide a line of business (LoB) solution through their SharePoint based products, including an HR Management System; PeoplePoint 365 and Learning Management; LearningPoint 365 and our range of Learning Tools; Training+, Computer Based Training Modules and Support+.  Businesses are increasingly adopting a connected approach to systems by maximising their efforts on one particular platform, which streamlines processes for all stakeholders and maximises return on investment.

PointSolutions have built an Azure Learning Management System (LMS) application using Azure AD authentication. LearningPoint365 utilises SharePoint as the database management system within the client’s own tenancy. This allows the client to own their data and integrate and extend their existing deployment, or act as a catalyst to adopt SharePoint. LearningPoint365 has its own user interface that combines the product UI and SharePoint UI and it uses the standard SharePoint permissions policies to govern data access and security.

The positioning of LearningPoint365 within Office 365 and Azure is designed to allow organisations to utilise the wider Office365 service-set as part of the LMS functionality, such as Flow & PowerApps to create 360 feedback forms and PowerBI to build dashboards and embed either in a SharePoint page and or the LearningPoint365 product its self.

Using the extended Office 365 features, including PowerApps and Flow also promotes usage of the Office 365 native mobile apps to provide mobile-first user experiences for end users, on-the-go.

Training+ from Combined Knowledge delivers expert Office365 and SharePoint training, on demand, available in 1080p High Definition direct from LearningPoint365 in a SCORM format enabling user measurement, reporting and performance tracking.

Training+ powered by Azure enables us to provide regular content updates to ensure the training content you receive is in alignment with the evergreen Office 365 environment.

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