In the current climate, we know that many people can’t afford to take several full days of their schedule for a training course, especially when working from home.

We also realise that some users may understand portions of a subject and feel they may not need to commit to a full training course to fill in the gaps in their knowledge.

And of course we know that everyone loves great value!

That’s why we’ve developed Bite Sized Training – a range of convenient, online, 2 hour classes giving you expert insider knowledge in digestible chunks for only £19.99inc VAT per class.

Includes step-by-step reference material to take away after the class so you’ll always be able to brush up on those skills.

What’s included:

  • Step by step to take away for reference and practice
  • Live training from expert
  • Q and A at the end

Tuesday 9th June

Microsoft Teams

Team Essentials

New to Teams or looking to focus on the essentials, learn more with our 2 hour Teams session

9:30 til 11:30 £19.99inc VAT
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Microsoft Word Icon

Microsoft Word quick tips and tricks users should know

Whether you’re new or an existing user to Word, here are some of the hidden features user rarely know that will make you more proficient and increase productivity in using Word!

14:00 til 16:00 £19.99inc VAT

Wednesday 10th June

Microsoft Planner Icon

Build tasks and surveys for everyone

Discover the power of managing and reporting on tasks using Microsoft Planner as well as creating engaging surveys, or fun quizzes in Microsoft Forms.

9:30 til 11:30 £19.99inc VAT
Microsoft Excel Icon

Do you really know Excel?

From beginners to pros, there’s always new things you can learn to really excel, with Microsoft Excel

14:00 til 16:00 £19.99inc VAT

Thursday 11th June

Modernise your notes

Discover how to take advantage of an essential tool, OneNote. Take, organise and share your notes with others.

9:30 til 11:30 £19.99inc VAT
Microsoft Outlook Icon

Outlook tips and tricks you may never have known

Become more efficient in Outlook and learn about the valuable features that more people should use.

14:00 til 16:00 £19.99inc VAT

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