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Combined Knowledge offers you the ability to give Training+ videos a custom look and feel based on who’s watching them.
This means that when you embed a video in your environment you can brand the videos with a custom animated intro, usually a logo or project title, and overlay your company logo on the videos. We can also change the colour of the player interface.

This is all done dynamically, in the cloud as the video is streamed, something no other provider can come close to yet, and can be updated very easily if your branding changes.

You can provide a company logo and intro animation or message or we’ll create an animation for you and we use them to create a theme. This also extends to your LMS.


We can create and embed your own custom animated intro or company logo onto any Training+ video.

Custom Theme Examples:

Custom Video Intro

We can create and add a custom animated intro to all Training+ lessons that you so wish. This is usually your company logo, and or project title animated.

Custom Logo Overlay

We can overlay your company logo onto the videos, as well as changing the colour of the video player interface.

Any updates made to Training+ videos that reflect changes Microsoft make to the Office 365 apps are automatically pushed out to users even if they’re using a custom theme.

Every license gives you:

  • Limitless ways to consume your content 
  • On demand access to expert training for all Office 365 apps
  • Access from within your Office 365 site
  • 12 Months of training
  • Unlimited Access
  • Content that stays up to date with Office 365
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Companies using Training+
Companies using Training+
Companies using Training+
Companies using Training+

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