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Users have the ability to access the Training+ web app through their Office 365 app launcher that is supported on all web browsers. In here you will find that each course has been divided into modules with their own premade lesson plans. For creating custom lessons plans you can use Training+ Direct Links. This allows users to access the same lessons not only from the Training+ app, but from any web-enabled app or location inside and outside of Office 365 i.e Microsoft Teams. With Training+ Direct Links you can cherry pick certain lessons to create your own lesson plan.

Any updates made to Training+ videos that reflect changes Microsoft make to the Office 365 apps are automatically pushed out to users at no extra cost and no installation or maintenance on your side.


One subscription to Training+ gives your organisation unlimited access to your Office 365 training from any web-enabled app or location.

You choose how to present your training, which lessons to deliver and where. Take control of your learning content.

Quickly build custom knowledge pages and learning paths to suit the roles in your organisation, e.g. more advanced topics can be offered to support staff and champion users.

Offer bespoke groups of skill or role-based learning content, either by individual lessons, modules or entire courses.

Every license gives you:

  • Limitless ways to consume your content 
  • On demand access to expert training for all Office 365 apps
  • Access from within your Office 365 site
  • 12 Months of training
  • Unlimited Access
  • Content that stays up to date with Office 365
Office 365 Training+ features

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Take Training+ for a quick test drive with some short sample content taken from three Office 365 training modules:

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Companies using Training+
Companies using Training+
Companies using Training+
Companies using Training+

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